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Implexus is an innovative gym concept that has never been seen before.

Imagine a gym that wants you to achieve your goals rather than just wanting to take your money every month. Imagine a training environment filled with people who share the motivation to improve their lives.

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Personal Training

We offer bespoke 1 to 1 services both for members and external clients. Members benefit from preferential rates. These sessions allow us to further understand personal goals and by refining training methods to suit clients, reach targets more efficiently. We also offer small group sessions of 2-3 for people with goals that marry up well; this can help with motivation and proves economically beneficial.



Nutrition is a large piece of the puzzle in achieving goals whether performance or aesthetic related. For many, its importance is often overlooked. Whether it be a review of current dietary habits, a strategy for the future or both we offer personalized nutritional packages. We also offer the option to add sophisticated scientific testing to remove some of the guesswork and have a highly accurate assessment of caloric needs.



Since its conception, MCT group coaching has established a firm place within Implexus. We combine cardiovascular challenges with strength work to create an all-encompassing experience. The movements are kept simple to reduce the time required to learn them and to keep the intensity high. If the time you have to train is truly limited these classes offer a great way keep things on track. Be careful – they’re addictive!



Understanding how you function is as stepping stone to precision training. Our metabolic cart testing is for those serious about physiological changes. Allowing us to measure your progress both externally, and internally by scientifically monitoring your functionality. It can be used to measure metabolism and aid in the production of accurate dietary strategies. Some improvements just aren’t as easy to see!

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